Glock 19 Compensator


  • Compatible with: Glock 19, 19x, 23, 32, 45
  • Anodize Color: Black
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Rated for Standard and +P/+P+ Ammo
  • Factory slide, barrel, and frame required for proper installation
  • This product will require a Surefire X300-A

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This product is a collaboration with Vantage Point Armory.  We worked with Vantage Point Armory to bring our version of their product to life, we have maintained our chamfer cut design, while there product has radius cuts.  If you are interested in a more round design please follow the link: Glock Light-Mounted Compensator (

This Light-Mounted Compensator is designed to mount to a Glock 19, 19x, 23, 32, or 45 via a SureFire X300U-A Weapon Light. 

Designed to minimize recoil, this compensator empowers you to maintain control over your firearm, shot after shot.

This Light-Mounted Compensator interfaces with the pistol via weapon mounted light. This Light-Mounted Compensator is designed to mount to a Glock 19, 19x, 23, 32, or 45 via a SureFire X300U-A Weapon Light. 

To install the compensator, you simply fasten the one piece compensator to the weapon light be lining up the bolt pattern that is on the weapon light.  lining up the your accessory from your pistol. Then you attach the accessory to the compensator’s rails using the small threaded bolts included with the compensator. The compensator mounting fork replaces the accessory’s original attachment rails such that the attachment hardware of the accessory itself is used to “lock” the combined compensator and accessory onto to the frame of the pistol.

Experience the perfect balance between functionality and adaptability as you configure your firearm to meet the demands of any situation.

50 State Legal: Since no threaded barrel is required, our compensator is legal in all 50 states.